Haemonetics Celebrates 25 Years of Operations in Pittsburgh


Haemonetics Corporation celebrated 25 years of manufacturing operations in the Pittsburgh area with employees and the local community on Friday October 9th.

Since 1990, the Pittsburgh operations of Haemonetics has manufactured and distributed medical devices enabling over 150 million plasma collections and 3.5 million red blood cell collections! The Leetsdale, PA site of Haemonetics primarily manufactures bottles and bowls that are used in the plasma donation process, along with the cartridges for our new TEG6s diagnostic device, and the kits that come with our legacy TEG5000 device.

Since manufacturing began in Leetsdale, Haemonetics estimates that the impact to the local economy has been measured in the Billions of dollars. As a medical device manufacturer, every employee hired represents three downstream jobs created, and the majority of components utilized in our Leetsdale operations come from a 25 mile radius of the facility.

On Friday, over 200 Leetsdale employees along with local members of the community including the Mayor of Leetsdale, Peter A. Poninsky celebrated 25 years of Haemonetics Operations. Mayor Poninsky was joined by several executives from Haemonetics including: Thomas McCurdy, President Global Plasma; Neil Ryding, Executive Vice President Global Operations; Brian Burns, Executive Vice President Regulatory/Quality; as well as Sam Ranallo, a patient who has received plasma therapy for the past 25 years.

Timothy Spang, Director of Operations for the Leetsdale Operations of Haemonetics opened the event with a heartfelt thank you to all of the employees in attendance. “We have been able to remain a critical part of the global manufacturing of Haemonetics over the past 25 years largely due to our culture of diversity – diversity in our employees as well as diversity in our thinking and problem solving, this diversity has led to a history of innovation.”

Thomas McCurdy, President of Global Plasma thanked employees for their dedication and hard work and encouraged them to continue their commitment to quality by maintaining the highest level of manufacturing standards. McCurdy reminded employees, “What you do each and every day has a direct impact on the quality of life for the patients that we serve.”

The most emotional portion of the day was a presentation from Sam Ranallo, who has Primary Immunodeficiency (PID), and has relied on plasma therapy for the past 25 years. Mr. Ranallo shared his personal journey of going undiagnosed for several years, through his diagnosis of PID, and the plasma therapy transfusions that he receives every 4 weeks in order to keep his immune system functioning properly. “I am sure that you have been called many things throughout your life, but today you can add life-saver to the list. You are the first step in the process of plasma donation, and I am the last. Without you doing what you do every single day, and doing it right; I would not be here… you are literally saving my life and will continue to do so for years to come.”

The Leetsdale facility is currently running operations 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to continue to meet the demand of our plasma collection customers. If you are interested in a career with Haemonetics, please visit our career page at: www.haemonetics.com