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Our Products

Quality and integrity are threaded into the fabric of our Company and everything we do. This allows us to deliver results that make an impact for the people who depend on our products in some of the most critical areas of medicine. We are committed to ensuring the quality, safety and effectiveness of our products.

We demonstrate that commitment by having a quality mindset in all we do – by exceeding our customers’ expectations and carefully adhering to the regulations and standards that apply to us. We endeavor to supply products that are both high quality and cost competitive for our customers by leveraging continuous improvement methodologies, focusing on our core competencies and partnering with strategic suppliers that complement our capabilities.

Examples of how we deliver:

  • We follow quality system standards, policies and procedures and good manufacturing practices.
  • We ensure that our supply chain partners take appropriate actions to commit to the same high standards of quality, safety and effectiveness and that they are upholding applicable laws and regulations and our social supply chain standards.

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