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Improve care, enhance efficiencies.

Hospitals face a range of challenging issues. They must provide the highest standard of patient care, while at the same time reduce operating costs. To do this effectively, hospitals and clinicians need access to state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to help drive improved outcomes.

Haemonetics’ Hospital Business Unit provides a range of solutions to address the needs of hospitals, including diagnostics to help inform treatment decisions, technologies to help avoid unnecessary transfusions, solutions to help optimize management of blood products, and proprietary vascular closure technology with compelling clinical evidence.

Hemostasis Management

Our hemostasis testing solutions provide rapid, actionable results to help clinicians reduce risk, complications and costs.


Cell Salvage

Our state-of-the-art autotransfusion technology helps hospitals avoid unnecessary allogeneic transfusions, while helping to reduce related costs.


Transfusion Management

Our integrated transfusion management software solutions help elevate transfusion safety - from the blood bank to the bedside.

Vascular Closure

Vascular Closure

VASCADE® Arterial & Venous Vascular Closure System is proven to reduce complications for interventional procedures while VASCADE MVP® Venous Vascular Closure System enables early ambulation and same day discharge for electrophysiology procedures.