We offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of blood management solutions. From our devices, to our integrated software solutions, to our value-added consulting services, we are committed to advancing the safety, quality, and availability of the world’s blood supply while helping to enhance the donor experience, improve patient care, and increase operational efficiencies. Learn how our products and services can assist your organization by accessing these helpful resources.

Cell Saver® Elite®+
Our newest advancement in autotransfusion systems with integrated SmartSuction® technology
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Featured Device
TEG® 5000
The new standard of care in hemostasis mangement
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Our devices comprise blood collection and separation technologies, as well as surgical blood salvage systems and diagnostic products designed to help eliminate unnecessary donor blood transfusions. Learn more about our devices by following the links below.

Surgical and Diagnostic Devices

Blood and Plasma Center Devices


Our Arm to Arm® information management solutions provide connectivity and integration along the supply chain — from blood drive and donor management, to blood processing and distribution, to transfusion management. Visit the following links to find out more.

Blood Center Software

Hospital Software

Plasma Center Software


Our consulting services include programs and services to improve operational efficiencies in blood collection while containing costs. They also help hospitals adopt evidence-based guidelines for optimal blood management. Access the links below to learn more.

Software Services