Solutions for Hospitals

Helping hospitals enhance patient care and manage costs

Hospitals face a range of challenging issues. For you, patient safety is of paramount concern, but it doesn’t end there. You are also called upon to provide the highest standard of patient care, while at the same time containing your operating costs and managing your blood supply in order to optimize usage and minimize waste. To do this effectively, you need access to high-quality products and services that can help improve your blood management programs.

We have a range of devices, software, and services available to help you solve these complex challenges, as well as case studies, literature, and videos that demonstrate the value of our blood management solutions.

Case Studies

  • Universitäts- und Rehabilitationskiniken Ulm saves 166,000 € with Cell Saver 5+ and MCS+ systems
  • Taipei Veterans General Hospital Reduces Blood Transfusions by 50% with the TEG 5000 analyzer

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