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Plasma Collection

Plasma Collection

Leadership in Plasma Management

Plasma-derived therapies provide crucial quality-of-life enhancing and life-saving treatments for a broad range of indications including immune deficiency, blood and liver disorders, and surgical applications. With demand for these therapies growing rapidly around the world, plasma collectors require innovative solutions to scale their operations safely and compliantly to meet this need now and into the future.

Haemonetics’ Plasma Business Unit has a long history of innovation in plasmapheresis. Our comprehensive portfolio of plasma collection products and services reflects our deep commitment to the plasma industry. We support each facet of the collection and management process to help ensure plasma-derived therapy providers around the world have a safe and reliable supply of plasma to produce treatments for patients.

Note: Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your country representative for details on which products are available in your country.
Device Solutions

Device Solutions

Our innovative plasma apheresis solutions enable higher plasma yield collections, improve productivity and quality in our customers’ centers, enhance the overall donor experience and provide safe and reliable collections that will become life-changing medicines for patients.

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Software Solutions

Our software solutions help plasma collectors reinforce their standard operating procedures across all centers, for consistent, efficient, and compliant plasma operations. Our solutions help customers engage donors, streamline the donation and downstream processes, and deliver a positive, safe donor experience, all of which can improve donor satisfaction and enhance compliant, cost effective output.

Business Optimization Group Consulting

Business Optimization Solutions

We provide field and remote based consultative support to help collection centers take full advantage of the capabilities of our plasma collection device and software solutions to optimize center performance and output.

Training and Support

Our online eLearning and in-person training programs for the NexSys PCS® cover operating, troubleshooting, and repairing NexSys PCS devices. Review our training programs here.

Note: Access to specific trainings requires authorization, which can be provided by your Haemonetics account representative.
Our searchable multimedia library of videos, job aids, and other tools can provide ongoing support and formal training that help with using and servicing NexSys PCS® devices. Click here to view our resources

Note: Access to these multimedia resources requires authorization, which can be provided by your Haemonetics account representative.
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