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Our Environment, Health and Safety

We are committed to operating responsibly, conserving resources and meeting all environmental requirements that apply to us.

As a Company, we are also committed to making our workplaces safe and secure. This includes eliminating unsafe work practices and workplace injuries and illnesses and promoting the health, safety and well-being of all employees, contractors and visitors. Important objectives in achieving our vision include: creating a positive safety culture, maintaining an effective safety management system and reducing risk in the workplace.

Examples of how we deliver:

  • In fiscal 2020, we reduced our headquarters footprint by relocating from a 224,000 square foot campus in Braintree, Massachusetts, to a 62,000 square foot LEED and Energy Star certified office space in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • We engage in energy/water efficiency, pollution prevention and waste reduction at multiple manufacturing sites – including our Utah, Pennsylvania and Mexico facilities – by increasing production efficiency and recycling qualified waste streams, including plastics, corrugate, paper wood pallets and aluminum cans. These actions in some cases create a circular economic model as vendors purchased materials for reuse. Our Utah facility utilizes a closed loop water system where water is treated, circulated and conserved to avoid high volumes of wastewater.
  • In fiscal 2020, we launched our Operational Excellence Program to improve our manufacturing and supply productivity and ensure sustainability and scalability, while reducing cost principally in the Company’s manufacturing and supply chain, including through scrap reduction, optimizing logistics routes for freight and shipping and the reduction and re-use of spare parts where appropriate.
  • We maintain Occupational Health and Safety and Global Environment Policy Statements approved by senior management that reflects our commitment to, among other things, comply with applicable laws, train our employees to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and manage our operations in a socially responsible manner that reduces adverse environmental impacts in our communities.

For additional information:

  • See “Environmental Protection” and “Health and Safety” under our Code of Conduct.
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