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Blood Center

Blood Centers

Optimize collection of high-quality blood products

Blood centers face many challenges, making collections more difficult than ever before -- from increasing operational efficiencies to meeting strict regulatory guidelines.

Haemonetics is committed to helping blood centers manage blood collections safely, collect the blood components in the greatest demand and attract and retain the right donors. Our comprehensive portfolio enables customers to provide safe, high-quality blood components to hospitals and their patients around the world.

Note: Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your country representative for details on which products are available in your country.
Blood Bag

Whole Blood Collections

Our suite of whole blood collection and processing technologies are designed to help collect, process and deliver the highest quality blood components to improve safety and increase cost-effectiveness.

Plasma Dan Tess Donation


Haemonetics apheresis collection systems offer the flexibility to collect high-quality blood components to meet patient needs. They combine all attributes of a multicomponent collection system within a small, portable and easy-to-use design. 

Plasma Device

Cell Processing

Whether your facility is washing red blood cells, pursuing a rare blood inventory or ultimately building a complete strategic blood reserve program, Haemonetics is there every step of the way to help implement your entire plan. 

Training & Support

Our online elearning programs for Whole Blood Training and Apheresis Training are available here.

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