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Grants and IIT Program

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The IIT program at Haemonetics supports original, independent, investigator-initiated research aimed at advancing scientific and clinical knowledge. The company reviews unsolicited requests for research support, which may include devices, disposable, reagents, software and/or funding.

Review Criteria

Decisions are based upon scientific merit, proposal’s clinical significance, feasibility and likelihood of success given the Principal Investigator’s track record and research environment, as well as alignment with Haemonetics’ areas of research interest and availability of resources.

Submission Process

Only full protocol submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee. However, if you wish to gain insights regarding the company’s interest in your research idea, you can submit a concept form for review by the Medical Director. If you wish to do so, please email the program administrator at for a template.

To submit a protocol for consideration, please email the protocol (see instructions below) along with any supporting documentation to

  • CV or biosketch of the Principal Investigator
  • Research Plan (in Arial, font size ≥ 11, 1 inch margin on all sides) consisting of: 
    • Introduction – Brief description of problem, hypotheses and aims (1/2 page max) 
    • Approach – Concise overview of the research methods including statistical analysis plan (2 pages max) 
    • Timeline and Budget – Can be in a chart format  (1/2 page max) 
    • References (no page limitation) 

If you wish to do so, please email the program administrator for a template.